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Inchon Part 3

Former British Consulate

From Red Beach the Marines advanced on the two hills that dominate Inchon, Consulate Hill and Observatory Hill.  This hotel is the former British consulate that gives the hill its name.

From Observation Hill

Observation Hill is just south of, and is higher than, Consulate Hill.  This was the next Marine objective and was taken late in the day.  From here, you can see Wolmi Do as the island on the right.  The former consulate is a white building below the rightmost tower on Wolmi Do.  

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MacArthur Statue

The UN force secured Inchon and advanced on Seoul, which was taken after a fierce battle.  After linking up with forces from the Pusan Perimeter, the allies advanced into the North, only to be repulsed by the Chinese intervention.  The war eventually settled into a stalemate, and after countless more deaths ended with an armistice at Panmunjom in 1953.

The park features a statue of Douglas MacArthur, the commander of UN forces in Korea and at Inchon, and a strong advocate for his controversial invasion plan.  Although he will always be a controversial figure, even is admirers would admit he was a legend in his own mind.

Other Pictures

Park Explanation

A Bird

A Bird Highrise

Vivien Helps a tour member with Pictures

Links to Wartime Inchon Photos

Going Home section has Inchon photos, including some from a similar angle to the Observatory Hill shot and shots toward Inchon from the channel.  This is part of the Korean War Scrapbook 1952-53  A must see site.  Some excellent maps and color wartime photos of the area east of Chorwon, some of them panoramic.

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