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Boomerang, Papasan, and OP 2

Mr. Sakrekoff wrote:

My gut feeling is this could be what came to be called Boomerang, looking down from our Flash OP 2. We had surveyed in Flash OP 2 in late '51 and I'll forward a pic of how elaborate it had become by '53.  Someone else from my outfit sent them to me after one of my annual reunions in Fayetteville, NC, but I never pulled time on that OP (I was in Sound Section so served on Sound OP's). The n'ly look at 1062 was taken while we were surveying in a sound base in the valley. Six mic's 1100 feet apart (one sound second) on a given azimuth and two sound seconds in back of the OP for an individuals reaction time to 'push the button' when they heard opposing artillery fire.

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